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Data breach in WhatsApp

Data breach in WhatsApp

Nowadays we all keep important information on our smartphones. So by hacking the phone, our private information is available to other people. In this case, the first question is how to find out my WhatsApp has been hacked? One of the ways to access users’ information is breaching through messenger programs such as WhatsApp, which is said to have high security; However, people send images, audio files and other things through this application in addition to text, they are still worried about WhatsApp being hacked, and the question that arises for them is whether it is possible to Data breach in WhatsApp? In this case, what are the steps to fix WhatsApp hack? How to prevent WhatsApp from being hacked?

How to Data breach in WhatsApp?

The fact is that it is possible to Data breach in WhatsApp. But WhatsApp hacker needs special programs and accesses on your phone. One of these ways is installing spy programs on your phone. But these WhatsApp programs have signs that may show themselves with different symptoms.

1-The phone may behave strangely

If you want to know how to find out that our WhatsApp has been breached, sudden and strange behavior on the phone is one of the signs to Data breach in WhatsApp. For example, the display turns on for no reason or it may turn off suddenly. All the signs that we have mentioned can be a sign that your phone’s WhatsApp has been breached.

2-Detect breached WhatsApp with sudden battery drain

Some spyware can significantly drain your phone’s battery. In fact, if the spy program is active in your program, it may drain the battery when you are not using the phone.

These types of programs use location and Wi-Fi data and send the desired information to the hacker’s device. So, the phone’s battery will be consumed very quickly. To be sure, first check the health of your phone’s battery using the battery test application. If your battery is damaged and the main problem is the battery, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. A dead battery is the best cover for hackers.

3-Strange sounds are heard in the background of the phone

Another way to know Data breach in WhatsApp is hearing sounds in the background that are heard when making a call. In fact, the reason for these sounds could be the presence of a spy program installed on the phone to track calls and messages sent. This annoying sound can be a sound similar to a steady sound, click, beep and so on.

Data breach in WhatsApp

Methods to prevent Data breach in WhatsApp

So far, we discussed the methods of breach this program, as well as how to understand WhatsApp hacking. As you have seen above, WhatsApp can be hacked by a hacker easily and even without special knowledge. The best way to prevent WhatsApp from being breached is prevention and implement security settings such as two-step verification.

Therefore, for more social media security  and if you suspect that your WhatsApp has been hacked, it is better to do the following to prevent WhatsApp from being hacked.

1-Locking the application to prevent Data breach in WhatsApp

One of the most basic solutions for hacking WhatsApp is locking the application. In this regard, there are a variety of mobile applications to lock apps on different phones that you can easily install them. Although after assigning the lock, you should enter the lock whenever you want to use WhatsApp or any other important program, but it will be worth being away from the access of others.

2-Two-step authentication

This type of authentication requires users to receive a temporary password along with their WhatsApp password via text message. So even if a hacker has your phone number, they can’t get two-factor authentication.

3-Log out; One of the ways to fix WhatsApp hack

If you use WhatsApp web or desktop versions on different devices, you should note that you log out of the device after each using. Also, every time you log into your WhatsApp account with another device, you will see a message on your mobile that you are using WhatsApp on another device. Therefore, whenever you receive this message and you are not using the desktop version of WhatsApp, be sure to take the matter seriously and follow it up. Because this can be a sign that someone is hacking WhatsApp account.

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