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Data breach in Telegram

Data Breach in Telegram

Data breach in Telegram is one of the most challenging issues that many people are struggling with. As you know, Telegram is one of the most common messaging apps all over the world and many people use this popular platform in order to share their personal and business information. But you have to know that it is possible that your data breach this application because we have received many reports about this topic. In the current article, we are going to mention some very important notes about this challenging issue.

It is worth mentioning that after the privacy policy scandal on WhatsApp in January 2021, the popularity of Telegram has become more and more and many people are using this app for various reasons. In that scandal, WhatsApp announced that they are showing users’ information with Facebook for a few years.

This caused a lot of turmoil among WhatsApp users and as a result, they were looking for an alternative for WhatsApp with more safety. These people decided to switch to another messaging app named Telegram. But some information about the data breach in Telegram disappointed them again.

Increasing Telegram’s Popularity

As we mentioned above, Telegram’s popularity has been increasing since the WhatsApp scandal in 2021. Additionally, this platform has many options and features that attract many people. One of the most popular features is its encrypted messages which are enabled by default. You can also enable end-to-end encryption manually. Telegram has a great reputation because of its safety and encryption policies. Today, Telegram has more than 500 million active users and up to 100 million people have downloaded this app in 2021.

Before we received reports about the data breach in Telegram, Telegram’s popularity attracted many hackers’ attention. As a result, this platform became the main hub for threat Actors. These hackers conceal themselves behind the fact that Telegram is totally legit and millions of people are using this messaging app. So, they can achieve their evil deeds by doing this.

Everything About the Data Breach in Telegram

Now it is time to gain information about the data breach in Telegram in different reports. Reports in a Russian publication have shown that Telegram is one of the cloud-based messaging apps that is suffered the data breach. This platform has been exposed by hackers who access the personal details of Telegram users. This exposed database includes phone numbers, unique Telegram IDs, and any kind of sensitive information.

Surely, it is so difficult to tell the exact number of affected users, but the exposed database is around 900 megabytes. According to the Russian Reporter, the data breach in Telegram has happened through having a Telegram app built-in contact a sports feature.

These contacts happened to people who were registering. Most of the exposed data (around 84%) are related to before mid-2019. Additionally, more than 60% of these exposed data is irrelevant. It is presented that around 70% of affected accounts belong to IRAN and the remaining 30% are from Russia.

What Is the Reason for the Data Breach in Telegram?

But why do people get affected and face the data breach in Telegram? One of the most important reasons that enable hackers to access users’ information is using VPN. All the previous reports have shown that millions of Telegram users have been affected by Telegram hackers in 2021. Most of the affected data contain users’ phone numbers, IDs, email addresses, passwords, names, and even payment information. It means that people who always use VPNs in order to access Telegram are more likely to be affected by hackers because VPNs ease their job.

Possible Consequences

But you have to know that a data breach in Telegram has many consequences. As a result, you have to prevent this problem in order not to let hackers access your information. One of the most important consequences of these events is extortion purposes. It means that hackers might blackmail the affected users on Telegram.

Additionally, a data breach in Telegram has other consequences too. For example, these hackers may share your business and secret information with other companies that shouldn’t be revealed. Plus, some hackers can access your password and if it happens, they can take over your whole account and use your premium status. Another main concern about this event is they may represent your information in another government where using VPN is prohibited.

The Last Word

Data breach in Telegram is one of the most concerning issues that you have to take into account. In this article, we mentioned some important tips about this critical issue. If you are using this messaging app for different purposes, it is better not to use VPN in order to prevent hacking this social media by hackers.


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