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Dangers of Instagram for adults , How is affects your mental health

Dangers of Instagram for adults

For some time, life without Instagram has been impossible adults. It is clear that you can connect with your friends on Instagram, get new information and expand your social network, but despite the advantages of this popular application, there are many Dangers of Instagram for adults, if not managed, can cause problems for adults.

Some Dangers of Instagram for adults

  1. Over-attractiveness and the possibility of social network addiction

Certainly uploading photos, videos and information cannot be a bad thing, and although not everyone has good intentions, many people take advantage of this matter.

So the identity of adults is misunderstood and they are harmed mentally and psychologically, which is difficult to compensate in the future, and on the other hand, the impact of this social network among adults and children cannot be reduced because of its attractiveness is very high.

  1. Exposure of personal information:

As we all know, personal and family information can be shared on social networks and most teenagers land adults earn this matter from others and like personal items such as photos, phone numbers in make it public and so families suddenly realize that all their family secrets are in the program.

  1. Cyberbullying or harassment

Cyberbullying has become a social problem today, which usually originates from social networks, especially Instagram. These days, adolescents and adults are victims of violence from social networks, such as cyberbullying, which can cause problems such as loss of self-confidence in people, and this causes other young people to not have enough excitement for healthy experiences, and Take actions such as suicide because after a while they will reach emptiness.

  1. Having depression

According to a study by the University of Cambridge, one of the Dangers of Instagram for adults is having depression so that young people who spend more than two hours a day on social media are more likely to have mental health problems, which can include anxiety and symptoms such as stress and depression.

Usually, after using Instagram, people gradually experience problems such as lack of self-confidence, and feelings of emptiness that lead them to depression. Sometimes they also doubt their personality stability, and themselves.

  1. High sensitivity to like photos

Young people are usually evaluating every second how many of their photos have been liked on this social network or how many people have followed them, and in fact, the likes and the large number of followers give their personality an identity, and It causes sensitivities and self-consciousness and frustration in them. On the other hand, it creates an unhealthy and aimless competition between them.

5-Talking to strangers

This social network provide a space to easily talk to people they do not know completely so the risk of being harmed and abused is much higher. Sometimes these anonymous people teach people the wrong motives, and things like cyberbullying or even addiction may start that way.

6-Alternative to social relations.

This is one of the Dangers of Instagram for adults. Although Instagram strengthens social connections, it can also reduce relationships. It’s an interesting conflict! Instagram can enhance our friendships, but obsession and addiction can diminish your real-world relationships and weakens social relations.

7-Dissatisfaction with the beauty of the body

Many Instagram users publish pictures of themselves every day to show that they have beautiful bodies and faces. This is especially true for young girls, who are more interested in beauty than others. Because Instagram users only display aspects of their beauty, this may cause many other teens who do not have a particular beauty to feel jealous and dissatisfied. This is one of Instagram, dangers and risks of  social media, which is so problematic that even many adults become depressed, and the fact that they are no longer as beautiful as other users of this social network may bother them.

8-Dissatisfaction with facilities and type of life

You have probably heard terms such as “celebrity” or “luxury”. These are the terms that are used more on social media today than anything else. Luxury or celebrities are people who do not have financial problems and constantly post pictures and videos of their life or property on Instagram to show their amenities. This causes the people who follow them, especially teenagers and young people, to be jealous of their way of life and constantly feel dissatisfied with their welfare facilities and way of life.


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