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Dangers and risks of social media

Dangers and risks of social media

Dangers and risks of social media – The advancement of new communication technologies and changing of the cyber world has increased the concerns of the families.

we can’t deny all the advantages and opportunities that social media has entered our lives and we are all used to using these networks all the time.

social media has helped us communicate with people and increase our knowledge about what’s going on in the world. also, social media has helped many businesses, and many business owners are paralyzed without using social media for their products and services but these social media can have destructive effects on young people’s souls and bodies and can put our lives at this article, we talk about the disadvantages and risks of social media.


Disadvantages of social media

  1. Exposure to face-to-face relationships

Social media platforms help us expand our communication with other people and make lots of friends but it has a negative side effect.

these social networks reduce face-to-face relationships and it has made us less sociable in the real world cause people can create a fantasy world in social media and have fake identities.

it’s not that easy to be rude or ignore people when you face them and contact them directly but you can easily unfollow and block friends on social media and stop communicating with them and this makes it hard for people to solve their problems in the real world and this makes people less sociable and friendly.

in this case, teenagers are more at risk because they are at the age of learning how to communicate with others and make friends. many teenagers waste their time every day sending messages while they should build relationships in the real world and learn skills for their future.

  1. Cyberbullying

Social networks can cause harassment and irrelative communication with other people. children can be exposed to sexual harassment and getting bullied.

most teenagers and children use the internet daily and this makes them face the dangers of cybercrimes more.

cyberbullying can expand the feeling of isolation and fear and cause depression and anxiety in teenagers.

it can decrease self-esteem and even cause suicide attempts. you can prevent cyberbullying by informing your children about the dangers of social media and teach them to increase their safety and be careful about their privacy.

  1. Frauds on social media

The information that you share on social media can be easily available to other people. cybercriminals need to access some of your information to put your life at risk by impersonating you. thieves use different tactics like phishing or profile forgery to get your data and turn your life into a nightmare.

they hack profiles and change passwords and abuse the trust of their contacts in different ways. millions of people all around the world expose their personal data by sharing it on social media.

these frauds can take advantage of your social media accounts like Telegram  and cause Telegram hacking .

  1. Social media is a waste of time

Social networks can be one of the biggest tools for wasting time. people spend hours on social media every day and it depends on how they use it.

if you’re spending 6 hours a day checking your Facebook account or chatting with your friends, you are wasting a lot of time.

You might be using a part of that time for your business and important tasks but spending lots of time on games and unnecessary tasks isn’t right and wastes your time without you even realizing it.

  1. Endangering privacy

Social networks can interfere with your privacy and sell your personal data to different companies. social media networks like Facebook sell targeted ads and make money out of them.

these kinds of websites offer specific ads for you by collecting information on your computer or your keyword searches.

Is social media harmful to society?

Using social media is almost a new activity and we can’t decide for sure whether these networks are dangerous or not. doing positive activities on social media can be useful and you need to know about the rules and threats on cyberspace and take care of your safety.

to sum up the pros and cons of social media, it’s better to use these networks with knowledge and increase your security. Also, you can contact our experts for social media safety and hacking.



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