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Cybercrime on telegram , a playground for cybercriminals

Cybercrime on telegram trustsocial

The relative accessing easily to Telegram social network has caused most people install this software on their phones and use its positive features. For example, in situations where people are forced to stay in their homes due to quarantine, using this network of messengers has helped them to entertain themselves or find out about their loved ones. On the other hand, some people start different internet businesses in their channels and make money. People, along with the positive features of Telegram, may not be safe from its harms. However, the existence of different users in this space leads to various violations and crimes. Therefore, it is worthwhile for every user to know the cases of Cybercrime on Telegram.

What is the meaning of Cybercrime on telegram?

Generally, Telegram crimes refer to all computer crimes that are committed by individuals using computers or other digital systems and in the context of Telegram software. Computer fraud, computer theft, unauthorized eavesdropping, data breach, spreading lies and… are examples of telegram crimes.

The most motivated crime in cyberspace

The most common motives for crime in cyberspace are:

Acquisition of financial benefits through unauthorized withdrawals. Like scams done via SMS. In this way, the scammer sends a text message to his audience regarding winning the contest, lottery and other titles, and causes his audience trouble and confusion.



-Immoral crimes

Some of Cybercrime on telegram include the following:

1- Extortion

The most common Cybercrime on telegram is extortion. During this activity, profiteers threat you with pictures of your chats or photos that they will distribute and publish unless you comply with their request, which sometimes requires a fee. If it is convicted, the offender will be jailed, fined, or both.

2-Insult and harassment

These two acts, which mostly target women and children, are also considered a Cybercrime on telegram. In exchange for obscenity or insult, you may be flogged or fined.

3-Publishing obscene content

You may receive a picture or video with obscene content and send it to others. This is a crime and punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

4-Cybercrime on telegram , Spreading lies

Another crime of Telegram is spreading lies. Everyone knows the meaning of the word lie. A false statement is a statement that is untrue and has no basis. According to this definition, spreading lies means scattering words that are not true.

Sometimes it happens to you that we republish messages to all the groups we have in Telegram without knowing about it and asking for its accuracy. This action may cause us problems in some cases and turn us into a criminal!

Cybercrime on telegram trustsocial

5- Telegram scams for Cybercrime on telegram

This crime is also in the category of Cybercrime on telegram in which the swindler commits the following acts:

Deceiving people, making users hopeful about something that is not real, scaring people about things or events that are not real, and looting someone’s property in these ways.

6-Making immoral stickers

Among the services that the founders of Telegram have considered is the possibility of making stickers as well as making robots for users. Making immoral stickers with pictures of others was one of the crimes of Telegram.

Building a channel to publish immoral content

The possibility of creating a channel and preparing immoral content that is related to national security, as well as using the possibility of propaganda against the government institutions and republishing posts against national security, is another Cybercrime on Telegram.

7-Telegram hack

Social media hacking like Instagram hacking or Telegram hacking is the most important crime under cybercrime law, and anyone who gains unauthorized access to other data should be punished. Social media security and corporate information are always vulnerable to hacking, so a company network security specialist should be used.

To prove a crime, the person must have evidence. In the event of attacks such as hacking of mobile phones, computers and social networks, police will try their best and cooperate with the victim.

The hacker will be sentenced to imprisonment or a fine. Even both of these punishments can be considered.

This punishment may not seem so severe. But in addition to the crime of social media hacking information, hackers are also punished for other crimes. In the process of hacking telegram, theft and fraud and… are also done. The abused person must then sue the hacker. This makes the hacker crime heavier and heavier.

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