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Common mistakes in social media marketing /part 1

Common mistakes in social media marketing

Common mistakes in social media marketing – Many people see social media as an opportunity for expanding their business and gaining more and more customers every day but if you don’t know how to use social media, it can put your business and brand at risk.

While social media has many benefits for you, you need to know about the problems and disadvantages of working with it. In the following, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes in social media marketing that you need to avoid.


Having multiple accounts on social media simultaneously

Most companies usually focus on having a small number of social media accounts for their business.




According to statistics, Instagram has about 500 million active users and Pinterest has about 100 million active users. Businesses that are related to images and graphics, usually need to invest in social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


But if your business is related to a specific field and you need to be in touch with professional people in that field, it’s recommended that you focus on having LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Make sure that the social media that you focus on the most should have the highest return on investment.

Solution: it will be hard for you to manage multiple accounts on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So instead, try to focus on a small number of them that are more related to your business and try to spend more time and energy on creating high-quality content.

This way you can make sure that you will get better results.

First, you need to find out on which social media your customers are spending more time and try to create more content on them and be more active and after focusing enough on one of your social media accounts, you can create an account on a new platform.


You don’t take negative comments and criticism of the users seriously

Negative comments are very common and you need to take them seriously. You need to care about what your customers want from your business and you need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and try to change the weaknesses to get better results. The way you respond to the users’ criticisms can help you build trust with your audience. Instead of ignoring these negative comments, try to see them as an opportunity for achieving success. Learn from the negative criticism and try to fix the problems of your business and by doing this you can show that you respect your audience. Many of the businessmen usually just avoid this problem but if you don’t show your value to your customers, you will face some problems in the future.

Solution: spend enough time paying attention to all your negative comments because these negative comments can interfere with your business and by learning from them, you will know about the needs of your customers. Note that you can only use the negative comments that have criticized a particular problem, not the comments that are criticizing you for no good reason


Publishing similar content on social networks

Posting similar content on social media can make your audience bored and they might think that you don’t have anything good to offer and they might get disappointed in you and lose the trust they have in you. Instead of producing the same content one after the other, you need to build a stronger relationship with your customers and increase interaction with your target audience. If you constantly produce the same content, you might end up losing the users that view your page.

Solution: try to be more creative and produce interesting and new content regularly. This way you can interact more with the users and keep them waiting for your content. If it’s hard for you to do this by yourself, hire a team for producing content to publish engaging content and update your social media accounts for you.

You can get new ideas for producing content from your competitors’ websites to get inspired by them. You can even use their methods to choose your marketing strategy and publish new and interesting content.

For example, if you use Instagram for your business, it’s important to constantly share posts and stories, be creative, use hashtags, and increase your safety on Instagram to prevent getting an Instagram hack that can jeopardize your business.


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