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WhatsApp hack – WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging platforms and mobile social apps in the world. It’s a popular communication app that more than 60 million people use for instant messaging all over the world, like sending text messages, photos, videos, and phone calls.

this app is free and helps you save lots of money. Despite that, you need to be careful not to fall for scams and protect your privacy. whatsapp hack happens because of lack of knowledge and awareness of the users and you need to learn to change that.in this article, we discuss the ways of hacking WhatsApp and mostly what we can do for having higher WhatsApp security.

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How to hack WhatsApp?

There are some applications and websites for hacking WhatsApp but none of them work and they’re just a waste of time. also, they make you download harmful software and only want to scam you. WhatsApp doesn’t have a password and the only way WhatsApp can verify if your account belongs to you is by sending you an OTP.one of the hacker’s method is to send a message to the victim and ask for the OTP and get access to your WhatsApp and easily can hack your WhatsApp account and cause the WhatsApp hack.


Whatsapp security/How safe is WhatsApp?

There is no perfectly safe application.WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption

That makes this application more secure than other instant messaging apps.

However, hackers and scammers could somehow hack your device and access your information and contacts. hackers usually use WhatsApp and Gmail to assemble your personal information that makes it possible to get hacked by your account. Whatsapp hacking can expose all of your personal information and media and can easily interfere with your privacy. hackers can also threaten your contacts by hacking your WhatsApp account. Here are what you can do for your WhatsApp security and preventing  the WhatsApp hack


1.Don’t click on random links

To keep safe and prevent WhatsApp account hacking ,You mustn’t click on any link that a random person sends you. these links can be spyware and can steal your data from your device. Another essential thing for you to know is that you should not download unknown files that you get from people that you don’t know. You can also make this app safer by disabling the option for random people to add you to groups without your allowance.

To do that, go to Setting>Accounts>Privacy>Groups, and then tap my contacts


2.Disable cloud backup to prevent WhatsApp hacking

During the night WhatsApp becomes more active and it backs up all of your chats and data to your cloud storage. The particular reason for this circumstance is that if you somehow install this app or use it on a new device you can recover your media and chats by that cloud backup. although your messages are encrypted on this application, data that has been uploaded on the cloud isn’t So the hacker can access your messages and hack WhatsApp

Here is  how you can disable the automatic cloud backup option: go to Whatsapp setting>Chats>Chat backup>select the back up to google drive option and select never


3.Two-step verification

Activating Two-step verification increases your WhatsApp security and stops the whatsapp hack. two-step verification feature makes sure that when you want to activate your account on another phone you have to enter a six-digit code. this option makes your app more secure

Menu>Setting>Account>Two-step verification>Eanble and enter your six-digit pin


4.Do not share your six-digit code with anyone

It’s vital never to send this code to anyone and it’s really important for your WhatsApp security. This actively demonstrates that if some hacker seizes control of your number or your account, they can’t message your contacts through your account as both of you will be logged out of WhatsApp and you’ll have to enter that six-digit password to activate your WhatsApp


5.Active fingerprint/face ID to stop the  WhatsApp hack

WhatsApp enables users to lock the app with fingerprints or face ID for iPhone.Android users can go to the Setting>accounts>privacy and exactly at the end, you can find fingerprint unlock that you need to activate. This option gives the users more safety and prevents WhatsApp hack.


hacking and security for whatsapp account

Thank you for reading.in conclusion, the WhatsApp hack is possible and you need to secure yourself from it. for WhatsApp hacking and increasing your WhatsApp and other social media hacking, you can contact our experts and get more information.