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Telegram hack –  Telegram is a messaging platform that is used for instant messaging. Telegram is fast and easy to work with. this free platform serves end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls. Telegram is a cloud-based application that you can use on your computer or phone and any other devices. this application keeps your messages completely secure and there is no limitation on the size of your media. Telegram enables you to send text, photos, videos and create groups with a large number of members. Paul Durov and his brother Nikolai  Are the supporters of this application and its improvement team is based in Dubai. this article is about ways of hacking telegram and how to secure yourself from telegram hacking and prevent telegram hack

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 How to hack telegram?

 Hacking telegram isn’t that simple .it’s company announced on its launch day, that this application is extremely secure and impossible to hack telegram. but Telegram isn’t unhackable cause any system can be hacked. professional hackers can infiltrate any system they want and put your Telegram safety in danger hackers can infiltrate IOS and android and get access to all of your data. that’s why you need to increase your Telegram security here the ways for hacking telegram

1.hacking Telegram’s server

 This is probably the hardest solution. in this method, the hacker hacks the telegram’s main server by finding a security bug in it. accessing Telegram’s server is very hard and Telegram has even held contests many times claiming that if someone could hack its server, he will be awarded great prizes. this action shows that it’s hard to find any weakness in Telegram’s server but it’s still not impossible. if a hacker can hack telegram by hacking its server, he will be able to access all of the Telegram users’ information.


2.phishing for telegram hack

 This is probably the oldest trick in the book. In this method, the hacker tries to manipulate the victim of telegram hacking and somehow get his 5 digit code to access the victim’s account. fortunately, in the last update of this application, there are more strict policies for verifying someone’s account and this makes it more difficult for hackers to use this method. but you should never send this code to anyone because you’re sending them an  invitation to hack your account.


3. Applications used for telegram hack

 There are many people on the Internet selling applications for hacking telegram but the problem is none of these applications actually work. these fake apps just waste your money and time. websites that advertise these kinds of apps are just frauds and these apps could also infect your device and you might expose all of your Personal Data and  information by installing them on your phone or computer.


4. Hacking someone’s phone directly

 As you already know telegram hacking could be difficult but if a hacker can hack your device, he can have access to your 5 digit code and can easily log in to your Telegram account security. there are things you can do that even if someone hacks your phone directly, he won’t be able to hack your Telegram account.

Step 1:go to the telegram setting

Step 2:go to the privacy and security section and choose a two-step verification

Step 3:click on set a password and enter a password

Step 4:enter your email and enter the verification code that gets send to your email

This way you can somehow increase your telegram security.


Resetting the telegram password

Hacking someone else’s telegram is not ethical and you should respect other people’s privacy. but it’s good to learn about this so you wouldn’t be a victim here and prevent telegram hack

You can hack someone’s account by resetting their password but you need to be in touch with their phone

Step 1:enter the victim’s phone number

Step 2:enter the 5 digit code that has been sent to his phone

Step 3:remember to delete the message that telegram sends that person informing him that  someone else with a different IP has logged into his account

To prevent other devices from activating in your account

Step 1:go to the telegram setting

Step 2:go to the privacy and security section and choose active sessions

You can see all the devices that are active in your account and you can easily erase them.

how to safe my telegram account?

  • Thank you for accompanying us to this article. Telegram hacking is a very difficult issue that requires expertise in the field of hacking and security. Also, to keep Telegram or other social networks safe, you can contact our experts via the contact button or the contact us page.