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Biggest social media hacks , have ever seen


Biggest social media hacks Is our topic for this article. Hacking has been one of the biggest and most dangerous events in the history of technology, which happens every once in a while.

These events usually manifest themselves more when hacking harms the entire community. For example, when a bank system is hacked, the transportation system, aircraft flight systems, etc. are all major hacks that have occurred over and over again throughout history.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the Biggest social media hacks that have ever happened so that you can get better acquainted with this issue.

Biggest social media hacks

Hack Twitter and request bitcoins

The first and most recent Biggest social media hacks that has taken place is related to the hacking of the accounts of world famous people such as Ilan Musk, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. But what was the story? When their Twitter account was hacked, the hackers used these accounts to ask people to invest their bitcoins in a specific wallet. There were many people who lost all or part of their digital currency capital with the messages of these celebrities.

Tesco supermarket

At first, the name of the supermarket and the hacking of Biggest social media hacks seem irrelevant and incomprehensible to each other.

These supermarkets are actually chain hypermarkets in the United States that for the well-being of their customers, increase sales, inform about festivals and discounts, as well as award-winning shopping plans from social networks such as Twitter. And they use Facebook a lot.

Biggest social media hacks

The hacking that took place on the social networks of these supermarket chains did not harm Tesco’s business as it should and perhaps only the hackers took control of the social networks, and a message with the theme that we can not currently Dear customers, we have provided our services on the Twitter and Facebook pages of these stores, which were stopped a few hours after this action, and the newspapers also apologized to the people.


And again, the Twitter social network hack happened, but this time it was at McDonald’s international restaurant chains. In order to better and more communicate with their customers, McDonald’s restaurants have tried to get positive and negative comments about their food and sandwiches by using a special hashtag with the phrase #McDStories.

It is only natural that among the millions of positive messages that are sent to this hashtag every day and the constructive comments that are recorded, there are a number of negative messages, protests and dissatisfactions. But imagine sending negative and protesting messages from all McDonald’s branches to this hashtag for 8 consecutive years is certainly a problem.

This is exactly what happened to McDonald. During this incident, a Chinese hacker team managed to hack the Twitter account of this famous fast food and send these messages to McDonald. The whole process of hacking and preventing it took about 8 hours and finally they were able to stop this hacking.

HMV Music Company

The fifth case that we can name these hacks is related to a music company in America. The hacking of the company took place at a time when news of the dismissal of 60 of its employees was published on Twitter. The message read: “This message is sent directly and without intermediaries from the headquarters of HMV, during which it was announced that we have all been fired.”

It may be easier to hack a page and prevent it, but once the message is posted on 190 Twitter pages, you will not be able to restore page security in an hour or a day. This should take at least a few days.


In general, the biggest social media hacks ever that have occurred are more common on Twitter and Facebook. All hacks are related to big corporations, international restaurants or accounts of very important and famous people. Unfortunately, the more technology and technology advances, the more advanced the hacking methods become, and the only way to deal with it is to increase the security of accounts and sites before a cyber attack occurs.


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