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Anti-hacking software for android, protect your phones

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Today, hacking your cell phone is not that difficult, it is enough to install a suspicious program on your cell phone to hack your data and send its information to unknown sources. Some people think that they can prevent their cell phones from being hacked by installing an anti-hacking software for android, but this is not enough.

Hackers use various methods to enter Android devices and access data. They have various tools and spyware to hack devices and phones. Over the years, hacking has become more common and the number of hacked devices has increased. Users are really worried about such attacks.

How is a cell phone hacked?

Turning on your mobile Bluetooth can increase the chances of your device being hacked, it is recommend you always try to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth or set its settings so that it does not automatically connect to other devices.

When you install a new application on your mobile phone, pay attention to the permissions that the application receives for accessing.

Installing a good anti-hacking software for android can report suspicious programs and you will remove the program faster.

Introducing several Anti-hacking software for android

Although installing an anti-hacking software for android cannot completely prevent hacking your mobile phone, here are some suitable applications that can increase the security of your mobile phone:

  • App lock

This program works offline and can be one of the safest anti-hacking software for android. With this program, you can encrypt and hide your mobile applications.

  • Google authenticator

With helping of this application as which is responsible for authenticating you in entering various sites, you are guaranteed not to be hacked (you must first enter the password and then the authentication code).

  • Bouncer

This application prevents unauthorized access to various applications. If you are one of those people who never check the access of applications installed on your mobile phone, it is better to leave this task to the bouncer.

  • Malwarebytes security

This powerful application is available for both Android and Windows. By installing this program on your device, you no longer need to worry about spyware, because this application automatically detects and removes suspicious programs. It is not free and you have to buy it).

  • Incognit

Find my device google

This app works great for detecting spyware. This app detects and deletes malicious files (this is the free version of this app). In the purchasable version of this app, annoying ads will also be removed.

If you are worried about losing or stealing your mobile phone, be sure to install this application Anti-hacking software for android, because if your phone is lost, there are three ways in front of you: 1. Clear data on the mobile phone remotely 2. Complete phone lock Remote mobile companion 3. Tracking the blocked phone. There is also an option in this software that makes the phone make a loud noise.

  • Fire focus

One of the ways to get rid of ads on websites is using this software that is an  anti-hacking software for android. With helping of this program, you will not leave any trace of yourself on websites and you will not be captured by their ads. This browser is available for free in the Play Store and can be downloaded.

  • Last pass

Another last pass encryption software that is one of the best anti-hacking software for android, this software helps you to be very safe from hackers by creating a long password.

  • Access dots

This application quickly notifies you when one of your phone applications uses the camera and microphone without permission, just by turning on a flashing light, For example, you are using a game but your phone camera is being used (Which is not required) This application will immediately inform you about this issue and give you the ability to detect spyware. This program is free.

  • log dog

This application has the ability to protect your online mobile applications such as Gmail, Facebook and… (Both antivirus and anti-hacking software for android). It checks the applications on your mobile phone and if there is a suspicious case, immediately informs you to delete it.

  • Norton mobile security

This program is both anti-virus and anti-hacking software for android and has excellent cleaning capabilities

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