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Animated stickers for whatsapp for beginners

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Stickers are used for expressing emotions. If they are moving, they will be more effective! You can use animated stickers for whatsapp as the largest and most widely used messenger app. Recently, WhatsApp has added a new feature called “Animated Stickers” to its messenger, and this feature is now available worldwide. You can also share your favorite animated stickers with others.

Animated stickers convey emotions like emojis and better than plain text. Texts are also written on some stickers; so you can take advantage of both features at the same time. WhatsApp stickers come with several features. You can add them to your favorites and group them.

How to download and use the animated stickers for whatsapp

First, update the WhatsApp software to the latest version. As an amateur user, you can also use the official Whatsapp site to update WhatsApp software.

Be careful, you cannot use the animated stickers for whatsapp until you have updated WhatsApp, because this feature was added in the latest version of WhatsApp.

After the software update is complete, run it. To run the software, go to the home screen of your phone and tap the WhatsApp icon to run the software. After running the software, go to the Chats section to view your account conversations.

Select a conversation. Then tap the message field to open the clipboard. Tap the emoticons icon on the left to open the emoticons list.

From the bottom of the page, tap the first option on the right to go to the WhatsApp sticker. In this section, you can view and send all the stickers and animated stickers on your phone. For sending any sticker, just tap on it. There is no difference between sending ordinary and animated stickers.

For adding an animated sticker for WhatsApp, tap the (+) icon plus. From this section, you can download and use free animated stickers for WhatsApp. After downloading the stickers in this section, you can send them to the desired person.

After tapping the “+” option to download the animated sticker for WhatsApp, tap the arrow-like icon next to each pack. Clicking on this option will download the animated sticker pack and it will be automatically added to your WhatsApp animated sticker list. For viewing the stickers that installed on your WhatsApp, go to My Stickers. Next to the name of each moving sticker pack, you can also see its volume.

For using the WhatsApp animated sticker for iPhone and Android, go to the desired chat and then tap on the message writing area and tap on the emoji icon on the left. In this section, you can see all the animated stickers on your WhatsApp. For sending any animated sticker, just tap on it.

You can also add it to your WhatsApp animated sticker list when someone sends you an animated sticker.

  • How to send a sticker

For sending a sticker, touch the emoji button in the corner of WhatsApp writing space. Previously, only emoji and GIF options were visible in this section. Now next to the GIF, you will also see animated stickers for whatsapp. Just install a special program on your phone.

Tap on the sticker you want to send. Stickers work in all forms of chat, including individual and group.

  • View recently used animated stickers

Animated Stickers on this social media app, like emojis, have a “recently viewed” section. By opening the sticker panel, the recently used patterns will be visible at the top of the panel and at the beginning of the bar. This icon looks like a clock.

  • Add to Wish list

Aside from WhatsApp’s brilliant feature that allows you to add personalized messages to your Favorites list, you’ll also get a dedicated Favorites section for animated stickers. For accessing this section, open the sticker panel and touch the star icon.

To add stickers to the Favorites section, tap and hold the sticker in the sticker pack with your finger. Then select the add button from the menu that appears. Alternately tap on the sent or received sticker once and select “add to Favorites” in the window that appears.

  • Grouped stickers

By sending multiple stickers at the same time, WhatsApp will automatically place them in a group. You will not see paired samples immediately when you submit the stickers. You must log out of the chat and open it again.


Although grouping stickers saves chat page space; but at the moment it is not possible for sending 2 stickers together manually.

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