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5 signs you’re blocked on WhatsApp

blocked on WhatsApp

blocked on WhatsApp – WhatsApp is an amazing instant messaging application that you can use to send messages to your friends and family and create group chats. This app has many great features and you can be in touch with anyone you want in a secure space but sometimes you might encounter a situation where someone no longer responds to your messages.

This can happen for several reasons. For example, the contact might be busy. But he may also have blocked you. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp there are signs to notice it. In the following, we will discuss 5 signs you’re blocked on WhatsApp.


Blocking on WhatsApp

Users can easily block someone on WhatsApp to stop interacting with that person. To block someone on WhatsApp, open the app and tap on the three-dot symbol to open the menu. Go to the settings > Account > Privacy. Click on the Blocked Contacts option and click on the positive sign at the top right to select the contact you want to block and add him to your blocked contacts.

How do we know we’re blocked on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not notify you when someone blocks you but there are a few signs that allow you to find out. In the following, we will mention 5 signs you’re blocked on WhatsApp.

Disappearing the Last Seen status

If you can’t see the Last seen status of contact or you can’t notice when he’s online, that person has probably blocked you. This also can have another reason. If you or someone else update their privacy settings, other people might not be able to see the last seen status.

No profile picture

Another sign that shows you’re blocked on WhatsApp is not being able to see someone’s profile picture and other information because when someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you can no longer have access to that person’s profile photo or stories. These signs indicate that you are either blocked or the contact has deleted their WhatsApp account or application. In this case, you can use another device to check the contact account. If you can see the profile picture and other information by using another device, you’re blocked.


Ticks and their meanings on WhatsApp

Has it ever happened to you to send a message to someone and see only one tick next to it? This simply shows that your message was sent but was not received or read. In the following we will tell you what these ticks mean;

  • A gray tick shows that the message has been sent but has not been delivered yet.
  • Two gray ticks show your message has been sent.
  • Two blue ticks mean your message has been sent, received, and viewed.


If you see only a gray tick next to the messages you send to someone on WhatsApp, there is a big chance that you’re blocked. This indicates that your messages have been sent to the contact but for some reason, they can’t be delivered.

WhatsApp phone calls

WhatsApp has another great feature that allows users to make phone calls. You can easily make WhatsApp phone calls for free but you need to have an internet connection.

To check if you’re blocked on WhatsApp, you can call the contact. If you’re blocked, the device will ring for a short time, and then it will automatically shut off. You can try this at different times and days to make sure you’re blocked.

Add the contact to a group

WhatsApp allows users to easily create groups with their contacts. To check whether you’re blocked on WhatsApp or not, you can try to add that contact to a group. If you get an error while doing this, you’re blocked. In this case, you will see a message titled Can’t Add Participant or Failed to Add which means that you can’t communicate with this contact anymore because your contact has blocked you or deleted his account.


In this article, we discussed 5 signs you’re blocked on WhatsApp. If you can’t see the online status of someone or his information and you can’t add that person to a group, you’re probably blocked and you need to stop interacting with him. Also, make sure you care about your social media security to prevent social media hacking such as WhatsApp hacking and keep your account safe.

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